SBT 1996-44/1145

A Rood of Boxley badge, probably fifteenth century
Date Made:
15th century
A Rood of Boxley crucifix badge probably dating from the fifteenth century. The pin is missing. The Rood of Grace at Boxley Abbey had a life-sized figure of Christ and was venerated by large numbers of pilgrims travelling between London and Canterbury. The Christ figure was taken down by the commissioners for the dissolution of the English monasteries in 1538 and was found to be a mechanism worked by wood and wire. It was subsequently taken to London, where it was thrown to the crowd by the Bishop of London.
9 cm & 3.5 in
metal , pewter
Associated Person:
purchaser : Neish, Alexander (Mr)
Named Collection:
Neish Collection of British Pewter
Current Location:
Shakespeare Centre